Reduce Losses from Water Intrusion

Water intrusion causes extensive damage to building interiors, furnishings and other content each year. IBHS reduces these losses through unique and innovative research.

IBHS researches variables that affect water entry into buildings during wind-driven rain events such as tropical storms and hurricanes. Insights from this research will inform IBHS FORTIFIED Standards as well as best practices and installation guidelines for relevant building components and equipment.

Research & Insights

Insight from previous and ongoing research efforts at the IBHS Research Center.

IBHS turns research and insights into actions home and business owners can take to reduce costs associated with weather-related losses. Our guidance is located on our policyholder-focused site, We encourage our members to provide the links to your policyholders via email, social channels, etc.

Webinars, slides, and videos are available for download by members of IBHS. Login or register to gain access if you are a member of IBHS. Files will be available below for download once you are logged in.