California Sets Home Hardening Standards to Lower Fire Risks

The Associated Press

February 9, 2021

Resilient Building = Future Protection


January 26, 2021

Wildfire Mitigation is Important, But Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The Sacramento Bee

January 15, 2021

Rebuilding After A Wildfire? Most States Don’t Require Fire-Resistant Materials


November 25, 2020

Why you should be a Fortified Certified Roofer

Roofers Coffee Shop

November 16, 2020

How Disasters Can Spur Resiliency in the Gulf – A Conversation with Roy Wright

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

October 10, 2020

Meet the Wildfire Superspreaders

National Geographic

October 13, 2020

New California Laws Build on Research into Wildfire-resistant Construction

WILDFIRE SEASON: How to Protect Your Home


October 10, 2020

Alabama’s 16,000 IBHS FORTIFIED Roofs Stand Up to Hurricane Sally

Roofing Contractor

October 2, 2020

Alabama’s Nation-Leading 16,000 FORTIFIED Roofs Held Up Well to Hurricane Sally

September 27, 2020

FORTIFIED Buildings Weather Sally

Business Insider

September 25, 2020

The Benefits of FORTIFIED Homes and Roofs

NBC 15

September 24, 2020

Wildfire Season Comes to the Fore

Inside P&C

September 23, 2020

Hurricane Preparedness Tips


September 16, 2020

Deadly Fires Ravage U.S. West Coast


September 14, 2020

Are the US ‘apocalyptic’ fires climate-change related?

BBC Newsday

September 14, 2020

A Climate Reckoning in Fire-Stricken California

The New York Times

September 10, 2020

The Right Garage Door Could Save Your Home

door+access systems

September 1, 2020

Be Wildfire Ready: New Guide Sets Starting Line and Prioritizes Actions Most Critical to Prepare Homes to Resist Wildfire


September 1, 2020

Building Homes to Weather the Storm


August 25, 2020

New Infill Homes in OKC’s Capitol View Neighborhood Have ‘FORTIFIED’ Roofs

The Oklahoman

August 22, 2020

Lot Lines: Positively Paseo and FORTIFIED Homes

The Journal Record

August 20, 2020

TWIA Explores Benefits of Fortified Construction for Coastal Residents

RA News

August 19, 2020

Hurricane Preparedness Guide For Buildings Available From IBHS

Facility Executive

August 19, 2020

Roadmaps for Wildfire Mitigation Provide Guidance for Suburban Neighborhoods

Insurance Journal

August 19, 2020

IBHS Offering Scholarships, Internships

The News & Reporter

August 4, 2020

Eps 267 – Daniel Gorham with IBHS

Remodel Revolution Show

August 2, 2020

Organization Offers Seven Ways to Prepare for Summer Storms

Albany Herald

July 29, 2020

FORTIFIED Roof Grant Program Is Now Open to Qualifying Coastal Homeowners

July 23, 2020

California Homeowners Are Doomed to Repeat Their Past Mistakes

Damage Analysis of 2017-2018 California Wildfires Keys on Mitigation

Coronavirus Complicates Efforts to Fight California Wildfires

Wildfire Resistance: 16 Minutes of BS

Three-Day Build Gets Underway

How To Prepare For DIY Hurricane Season 2020

He Headed Flood Insurance — and Says It Still Works

Congressional Action Plan on Climate Change Applauded by Zurich, IBHS

Mapping America’s Underwater Real Estate

Millions of American Homes at Greater Flood Risk Than Government Estimates, New Study Says

New Data Reveals Hidden Flood Risk Across America

Dr. Anne Cope on Science That Makes Us #HurricaneStrong

IBHS Releasing New FORTIFIED Virtual Training for Roofing Contractors

How to Prepare Your Home and Finances for a Hurricane

Firefighters Face New Challenges, Concerns Heading into Wildfire Season amid Coronavirus Pandemic

When Extreme Weather and a Crisis Collide: The Case for Building Stronger in Alabama

FORTIFIED & Stronger Construction (WeatherBrains 752)

Habitat Tuscaloosa Gets Grant for 50 FORTIFIED Roofs

Weather Alert

Hurricane Preparedness During COVID-19

Early Storms Highlight Need for Hurricane Preparedness

California Was Set To Spend Over $1 Billion to Prevent Wildfires. Then Came COVID-19

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Prep with Dr. Anne Cope

Column: The Case for Strengthening North Carolina Homes

What You Need to Know About Garage Doors in Severe Weather

FORTIFIED Homes Built to Withstand Hurricanes

IBHS Launches FORTIFIED HOME Hail Standards and Virtual Training

Is Your Home Ready for Hail and High Winds? 3 Ways to Make Sure

Is Your Home Ready for Hail and High Winds? 3 Ways to Make Sure

Disaster-Proofing Our Homes Ahead of Hurricane Season Refines Fire Risk Model by Adding IBHS Data on Building Materials

Assessing High Wind and Hail Performance of Asphalt Shingles

How a Strong Garage Door Can Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Goose Creek, Sc Based Middle Branch Roofing Is Offering a Free Hurricane-Resistant Roof to Three Local First Responder Heroes

Charleston Area Company Providing 3 Free Roofs to First Responders

How a Strong Garage Door Can Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Vandals, Cyberattacks, Water Leaks: Nc Businesses Left Vulnerable as Workers Stay Home

Mississippi Windstorm Insureds Eligible for FORTIFIED Roof Replacement

The Weather Channel – High Wind Prep

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

IBHS Hail Research

Experts Encourage You To Prepare For Storms

Cities Are Flouting Flood Rules. The Cost: $1 Billion.

Hurricane Season is Just Around the Corner

Evolving Weather Patterns, Innovation and Performance Roofing Systems

Wind-Resistant Construction: 7 Minutes of BS (#buildingscience)

Putting Zip System to the Test

No Pain No Gain

What Underwriters Can Learn from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Australian Fires Prompt Questions About Protecting Houses From Embers

New Test Protocol Provides Deeper Insight Into Performance of IR Shingles Against Hail

IBHS’ Wright: Slow Storms, Fast Wildfires Put Focus on Resistant Home Construction

The Need for Resilient Construction

FORTIFIED Homes and Roofs Reach a Milestone in Alabama

Alabama Leading the Way in Houses Prepared for Severe Weather

Tuscaloosa Couple Gets Replacement Roof with Help from Habitat for Humanity

‘Roofing is a Very Important Thing.’

IBHS Ranks Atlas Roofing’s StormMaster® Shake Shingles No. 1 for Hail Resistance

Hail No: Weather Conditions Becoming Ripe for Damaging Ice Pellets

Study: Storm-Proof Construction Can Be Affordable

Roofs: Coming Out On Top | Clearstory Ep. 5

Survey Shows Gaps in Building Codes Put Texas Coastal Residents at Risk

Tips on Preparing Your Property for Wildfires

Wildfire Risk is Year-Round

5 Ways to Help Your Roof Last Longer

Despite Wildfires, Some Homeowners Resist Efforts to Cut Vegetation

How can you prepare for a wildfire?

Small Businesses Aware Of Climate Risks, But Struggle To Respond, Recover

How to Winterize a House

IBHS Chief Continues to Ask Congress to Embrace Tax Credits for Climate Resilience

Risk Defense Starts at the Top

One Side of This House Will Crumble After a Hurricane. Here’s Why

California, Insurers Brace for Another Round of Severe Wildfires

Building For Wildfire Summit Explores How To Protect Homes, Communities

Preparing Homes For Hurricanes

Experts Say Homes Can Be Built To Resist Wildfire

Tracking the Tropics: Researchers Make Homes Hurricane Ready

Hurricane Simulator Recreates Conditions Felt During Florence

Why the Panhandle Wasn’t Hurricane Strong for Michael

Roy Wright on Dorian and Flood Insurance with NYT

Roy Wright on NAMIC Insurance Uncovered Podcast

Experts’ Tips for Building Storm-Resilient Hotels

Hurricane Season is Far from Over

Now is the Time to Review Hurricane Plans

How to Prepare Your Home for Dorian

The Weather Channel – Prepare For Dorian

The Weather Channel – Protecting Openings from High Winds

Research Group Makes 3D Scan of Colorado’s Record Hailstone

Straight Talk 08-16-19: Dr. Anne Cope

SC Lab Fires Perfect Hail Replicas out of Cannon to Test Shingle Strength

Preparing for a Hurricane: The Engineering Behind Your Home

Senate ‘Shelter Act’ is a Welcome Step Toward Fortifying U.S. Homes to Withstand Extreme Weather

All About Hail with IBHS’s Dr. Ian Giammanco

Wildfire Protection Tests Focus on the Details of Construction

Fortifying Homes to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds, Rain

Battling a Flooded Future

Giant Arkansas Hail Falls Short of State Record, Investigation Finds

Hailstone in Polk Co. Comes Close to Breaking State Record, Researchers Say

How to Prepare Your Home for Weather Extremes

Preparation vital for hurricane season, experts say

The Future Of Flood Insurance

Even as Floods Worsen With Climate Change, Fewer People Insure Against Disaster

Making Your Home Safer During a Hurricane

Expert: Hur­ri­canes Give Op­por­tunity to Improve Home Con­struction

How to keep your home safe as hurricane season approaches

Here’s how to build a hurricane-resistant house — not as expensive as you may think

IBHS Hail Field Study (2019)

This House Is Built to Stare Down a Hurricane

Florida’s Building Codes: The Next Hurricane Could Blow Them Away

Shelter-in-place plans questioned for California wildfires

Study: Home Wildfire Resistance Starts with Defensible Space and Proper Materials

Are Hailstorms Getting Worse in U.S.? Why 2019 Could Produce Record Damage

People in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Hailstones

Upgrading the Load Path

Analysis: Safety Rules Give Homes Better Chance in Wildfires

This Old House: How to Safeguard Your House from Wildfires

Crash Testing Houses

IBHS’s Dan Gorham on HouseSmarts Chicago

Step 1: Build A House. Step 2: Set It On Fire

Insurance Safety Group Demo Tells Burning Tale to Two Structures

IBHS’s Dan Gorham on HouseSmarts

Research Facility Tests Wildfires

IBHS Creates Full-Scale Example of Fire-Resistant Building Practices

This Fire-Resistant Home is the Next Line of Defense Against Climate Change

Researchers Simulate Wildfires at Facility to Improve Home Safety

Fire-Resistant Home May Be Line of Defense Against Climate Change

Lesson learned After This Building Set On Fire

Choosing Resiliency: Lessons from Hurricane Michael

Homeowners Insurance May Be Harder To Get In Risky Wildfire Areas

Stressed About Weight Of That Snow On Your Roof? Your Roof May Be Stressed Too

Toughening Up The Roof

Insurers Promoting Resilience Can Save Lives, Properties

As the Temperature Drops, Take Extra Steps to Protect Your Pipes

A Recipe for Disaster

Alabama leads nation in building the strongest hurricane-resilient homes

USA TODAY: Polar vortex fallout: frozen water pipes, how to thaw and prevent them freezing

Policymakers, local leaders, voters must work to make communities resilient to wildfire

Women in the Roofing Industry: Statistics, Support & Achievement – IKO

Weathering the Storm | BASF

Surviving Hurricane, Habitat Houses Offer Lessons

Alabama’s Crown Jewel Opens at the Gulf

Fire-Resistant Homes Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune, Report Says

Can we design neighborhoods to survive wildfires?

New Alabama State Park Buildings Utilize IBHS Commercial Resiliency Standards

Hurricane Michael Teaches New Home Building Lessons

Cities Threatened by Climate Risk Still Getting AAA Bond Ratings

Mounting Climate Worries Push ‘Location, Location, Location’ Off the Beach (subscription required)

What Insurance Agents Wish You Knew About Keeping Your Home Safe

Houses intact after Hurricane Michael were often saved by low-cost reinforcements

Hurricane Michael Leaves Path of Destruction in Florida Counties with Older Housing, Mobile Homes

Hurricane-proofing Florida homes is worth the cost, and then some

Devastating Storms May Spur Action on Disaster Preparation

Surviving A Hurricane: Many Homes Need Protective Updates

Among the Ruins of Mexico Beach Stands One House, Built ‘for the Big One’

Contractors Prey on Hurricane, Wildfire Victims After Disasters

Why Hurricanes Are Doing More Damage: It’s Not The Storms. It’s Us.