IBHS 2018 Highlights

IBHS emerged from 2018 with meaningful new research and analyses, popular education programs for members and employees, laudable milestones in our FORTIFIED programs and a clear Disaster Safety Strategy for the future. The year brought changes in our board, our leadership and our staff.

Weathering the Storm | BASF

Far-reaching extreme weather and stronger storms also brings about another reason to get behind the call to build with resilience in mind: billions of dollars in damages.…it’s imperative for architects, home builders and construction materials manufacturers to come together and proactively build and retrofit homes that can stand up to extreme weather.

1. Lead with the Roof

Severe weather disrupts lives, displaces families, and drives financial loss. IBHS delivers top-tier science and translates it into action so we can prevent avoidable suffering, strengthen our homes and businesses, inform the insurance industry, and support thriving communities.