Why Did One Side of This Home Experience More Damage?

Resources from the 2019 wind-driven rain simulation at the IBHS Research Center, including additional guidance from past research.

Live stream to be held here on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 10 A.M. EDT

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What’s a FORTIFIED Roof?

FORTIFIED Roof™ (formerly FORTIFIED Bronze™) helps homes better withstand severe weather by keeping the roof on and keeping water out.

  • Improves roof sheathing attachment
  • Provides a sealed roof deck
  • Reduces chances of attic ventilation system failure (roof vents and gable end wall vents)


Why You Need a Sealed Roof Deck

Seal the Roof Deck – Choosing the Right Tape

Shingle Installation Issues

Re-Roofing Checklist

How’d We Do This?

Creating a Hurricane Inside the IBHS Research Center


Using data gathered during Hurricane Florence, our 105 fans provide realistic wind-driven rain conditions during a tropical storm.


We tested sealing the roof deck and how it can reduce the risk of wind-driven rain damage.

Moving the Building into the Chamber

Moving the building specimen into the large test chamber requires overcoming a good deal of logistical challenges.

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