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Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Is your business prepared to respond to a severe weather emergency? Some businesses that must close after a major disaster may never open again. Our goal is to help businesses continue to perform the most critical operations, which will help reduce short- and long-term losses to your bottom line. It’s important to have a plan and we’ve made disaster planning easy.  

Develop A Business Continuity Plan.

The OFB-EZ (Open for Business-EZ) toolkit helps small businesses take important steps they need to keep functioning in the event of a major disaster or even a small business disruption.

Your Risks
PDF / Word

Your Operations
PDF / Word

Your Employees
PDF / Word

Your Equipment
PDF / Word

Know Disruptions
PDF / Word

Know Key Customers
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Know Your IT
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Know Your Finances
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Test Your Plan
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Know Help
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Prep Your Business using these customizable EZ-Prep Excel files. 

“Having a plan allows us to stay focused on our work, knowing that we already thought it through and can keep business going when something happens.”

Julie Shiyou-Woodard
President and CEO
Smart Home America

“It creates peace of mind knowing we won’t be caught off guard and unprepared
in the case of an emergency.”

Alison Bishop
Head of People Operations
Spry Health