Build Back Stronger 


IBHS has partnered with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) to help you get the resources you need to recover and build back stronger.  

With an SBA Disaster Loan, you can rebuild your home or business using IBHS’s FORTIFIED construction standards, which go beyond local building codes to reduce the chance of future damage. Get started on your path to recovery and make this the last time you rebuild.   

The SBA offers low-interest loans for declared disasters to help qualified home and business owners get up and running again as quickly as possible after a disaster strikes. There’s no cost to apply and no obligation to accept a loan if approved.

Additional funds can also be requested for structural improvements such as building stronger roofing systems, building a safe room, or elevating the property to lessen the effect of future disasters. SBA disaster loans for mitigation are available for up to 20% of the total amount of the SBA-verified physical damage losses.

Based on 20 years of building science research, FORTIFIED is the national standard for stronger construction. If you live in an area prone to severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes, building with FORTIFIED Home™ means your home will be stronger against high winds and heavy rain, and less likely to be damaged in the future. Make this the last time you rebuild by building to the FORTIFIED standard. Click here to rebuild stronger with FORTIFIED by contacting a FORTIFIED professional today.

Build your business back stronger with FORTIFIED Commercial™ standards. These building requirements make new and existing commercial buildings stronger against severe weather and reduce the risk of financial loss that comes from damaged property, lost inventory, and lost revenue due to business interruption. A 2018 study by the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) shows for every $1 spent on FORTIFIED Commercial construction, approximately $4 is saved in disaster recovery expenses.

Business insurance provides financial protection for property damaged or destroyed by a hurricane or other disaster listed in a policy. In addition to coverage for the business’s structure, it can also cover office furnishings, inventory, raw materials, machinery, computers and other items vital to business operations. Insurance can do more than protect physical assets; it may also provide operating funds during a period when a business owner is trying to get the business back on track after a catastrophic loss like a hurricane. The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) has the facts and data-driven insights to help you purchase the right coverage to protect and grow your business.

Did you know one in every four businesses that close during a disaster never reopen? Create an emergency preparedness and response plan today with EZ-PREP™ and keep your small business “open for business.” This stand-alone guide, plus a customizable checklist, can help you build a plan for responding to operational disruptions caused by severe weather. This program complements IBHS’s OFB-EZ program, which is a simple-to-use business continuity program that focuses on recovering after the initial emergency response. To be best prepared,  implement both programs to protect your businesses and bottom lines.

No matter what kind of disruption you face, IBHS’s OFB-EZ (Open for Business-EZ) toolkit can help you build a business continuity plan so you can prepare, respond and recover. The free toolkit is designed to help small businesses plan for any type of disruption so they can quickly re-open and resume operations following a disaster. The toolkit provides a roadmap for managing disruptions using simple and easy tasks, including developing an employee contact list, reviewing and documenting insurance policies, building a plan for supply chain disruptions, and better preparing your finances.

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